loïc sapone

senior web developer

Who am I?

Hello everyone! I'm Loïc Sapone, a web developer based in Grenoble for over 10 years. My expertise primarily focuses on backend development and DevOps, where I strive to design tailor-made applications and websites that meet the specific needs of my clients.

I had the opportunity to kickstart my journey at Mezcalito, the digital agency in Grenoble, where I discovered the world of SCOPs and eventually became an associate. During this time, I contributed to diverse projects, ranging from institutional websites like FC Grenoble Rugby to specialized e-commerce platforms such as the Sport 2000 ski rental website.

In addition to my professional engagements, I also had the chance to teach the intricacies of PrestaShop to students at MMI Grenoble{.link target=_blank} during four enriching years.

I'm also proud to have obtained the Symfony certification, a testament to my ongoing commitment to staying at the forefront of technology in my field. Furthermore, you'll notice that I'm a staunch advocate of open source, a philosophy that shines through the projects you can explore below.

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